How To Get Rid Of Moles


As burrowing mammals, moles are always digging out large mounds of soil in search of food, such as grubs, larvae and worms. As they do so, your garden becomes a horrible mess, with piles of soil all over your beautiful lawn or in your borders.
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Garden Mole Removal
You have to spend time to flatten the soil only to have other mole hills appear, sometimes in long rows right through the middle of your turf or green space. You might also have to reseed the affected plants, and flowers, which if your mole problem isn't brought under control can become an ongoing job. It can be exhausting, to say the least and so you need to find a Banbury pest control company near you that can help. Call us - Oscar Pest Control Services for mole control around Banbury onĀ 01295 367189

Mole Removal Methods

There are many fringe methods to get rid of moles from your garden or land, such as the use of chewing gum, castor oil or ultrasonic devices that scare them away with sounds, but on the whole if you want to get rid of moles you have to remove them by catching them or by treating their tunnel network with professional pest control fumigation treatments.  

Getting Rid Of The Moles Food Source

It's common knowledge that moles love hunting and feeding on grubs. It is the same reason you will find large groups of moles, where they know that earthworms and grubs are present. So your lawns, pitches and fields can become a perfect hunting ground for these infiltrators and therefore one of the suggested ways to get rid of the moles is to get rid of the worms as a mole control measure. However, this might not be so practical. In as much as moles love eating earthworms, it doesn't mean that the absence of them will, in fact, make them go away. What can happen instead is that they could just turn to another source of food, such as grubs, or larvae. Unfortunately a side effect of this is it can then affect the nutrients and composition of the soil in your garden or on your farm. So you need to think twice before using this method, as it has its drawbacks. You have to think of the implications of the right mole removal method for you and whether you risk wiping out other beneficial species of plants or insects that could eventually ruin the habitat of your soil. While molehills are unsightly on the surface it is the mole tunnels underground that you can't see that can cause significant damage to plants, turf and embankment integrity. Call Oscar Pest Control Services today to get the right help from an experienced Banbury mole catcher - 01295 367189

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