Bed Bugs

It is very important to identify which species you have infesting your home or business as you may make your situation a lot worse. So call us to have a trained professional from Oscar Pest Control services overseeing your ant infestation to eliminate the problem for your home or business.

Ants are some of the smallest pests to spot, but once you have found just one, their very nature will lead you to the rest.  Having a fully trained professional from Oscar Pest Control overseeing your ant infestation means we can quickly evaluate the severity of the problem. This means we can eliminate the problem easily, with minimum impact to your business.

Although they do not carry disease, a 6mm long bedbug can seem like a minuscule issue but a bite form a bedbug can cause a severe allergic reaction.

Female bed bugs will lay up to 200 eggs in hidden areas if the temperature is right! Call Oscar Pest Control to have your infestation dealt with quick and safely, giving you the best advice and aftercare to maintain control.

Although cockroaches rarely bite humans, they are a sign that there is bacteria present in their vicinity – this could be off-putting for clients visiting your business, or for friends visiting your home. Oscar Pest Control Services are experienced in the removal of these unwelcome scavengers. We advise that you don’t try to remove these pests yourself, as DIY kits are often more poisonous to humans than the roaches themselves.

There are many different species of cockroach in the UK. Cockroaches have been know to spread disease and harmful bacteria. Not only will they give a business a bad reputation for poor hygiene, each egg case can contain 40 eggs per female cockroach.

These bouncing bloodsuckers are the bane of animal lovers worldwide. They’re tricky bunch to get rid of on your own, as most store-bought solutions aren’t totally safe to use around animals. At Oscar Pest Control Services, our technicians use approved and appropriate methods to eradicate this itchy situation for you.

Pathogen-carrying blow flies, biting horse flies, cluster flies, even Daddy Long Legs – these pests usually denote a lack of sanitation, or nearby fermentation such as rotten organic material. Maggots and faecal matter are clear signs of a wider problem – call our experts at Oscar Pest Control to help clear up these critters.

You’ll recognise hornets immediately; they’re larger than wasps and a whole lot noisier. These loud buzzers like to build their nests in sheds, roofs and other sheltered, light spots. Calling Oscar Pest Control Services as soon as you spot a hornet’s nest is advisable, as these pests are extremely aggressive and boast the most painful sting of all.

Not usually considered to be a common pest, ladybird infestations are rare. When they do swarm, they secrete yellow liquid into your soft furnishings which can spread a fungal disease to other insects and crustaceans. Humans can react to this liquid, so it’s important to call Oscar Pest Control Services to dispose of these insects in a safe manner.

Mice certainly look cute and fluffy, but an infestation of mice will leave you with chewed food, endless dropping and gnawed electrical wiring's. Rodent control is one of the most requested services at Oscar Pest Control Services. We’ll help root out your rodent problem, as well as the eradication of nests and disease-ridden droppings.

Our professional contractors can help with an effective pest control option to eliminate moles from your garden, grounds or building site. While molehills are unsightly, mole tunnels cause significant damage to plants, turf and embankment integrity. Call Oscar Pest Control Services to help with some experienced mole control.

There are a number of species of moth around the UK. The most common, the cloth moth, can damage natural products such as carpets clothes call Oscar Pest Control to get this pest treated before any damage can be done.

The Prevention of Damage by Rabbits Act 1939 means that if rabbits are destroying your commercial grounds, crops or gardens, it’s your legal requirement to call in the professionals. Oscar Pest Control Services will send a qualified team member to devise a suitable plan of action for your problem and environment.

First it’s scratching sounds in the night, then food starts to go missing…rat infestations are perhaps one of the most emotionally troubling afflictions, and can not only upset homeowners but potentially ruin the reputations of those working in the catering industry. Rat control is best left to professional organisations, so if you’re worried about dealing with large rodents, call Oscar Pest Control Services today.

Although infestation levels of these nocturnal nuisances are slow, silverfish skulk around the house in search of starch. This means that your clothes, your books and your wallpaper are at risk of being devoured by this shiny scourge. Oscar Pest Control Services can deal with the unique problems silverfish pose, dependent on their harbourage.

We’re lucky that in the UK, most species of spider are not considered to be dangerous. That said, if you believe that spiders such as the False Widow spider is running rampant in your premises, then our spider monitoring experts can assess and oust any potential harm on your behalf – call Oscar Pest Control Services now!

It’s easy to forget that these fascinating, tree-dwelling creatures are rodents…that is until you have a family of them in your attic or garage. Far from being friendly, these furry foragers can gnaw your electricity cables and nest in your insulation and are extremely stubborn to leave. Safe squirrel eradication should only be done by professionals such as Oscar Pest Control Services.

While wasps will rarely go out of their way to sting humans, if you have a nest near or inside your home or business premises, then they can become agitated if disturbed. Determining an effective wasp control plan is Oscar Pest Control Services’ first step, helping you eliminate a potentially dangerous situation.

Free Site Survey

Oscar Pest Control technicians will inspect your property and diagnose the potential threats caused by insects, rodents, birds or small mammals free of charge. What’s more, we’ll be able to give you an estimated quote as soon as we’ve identified your needs. 

Preventative Care

Upon completion, your technician will go through your post-treatment plan with you and provide you with any tools and advice necessary. Alternatively, we’ll arrange to check back more frequently for added peace of mind! 

Ongoing Observation

Our job isn’t finished when the issue is eradicated. We’ll check in periodically to ensure your pest problem has not returned and offer ongoing support and advice. 

60 Day Guarantee*

We guarantee all work carried out by our technicians for 60 days as long as you agree to follow our post-treatment plan. If your pest problem hasn’t been solved, you’ll get your second treatment FREE!

24/7 Emergency Callout Service

At Oscar Pest Control Services, we understand that every call we get is urgent, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency call out services. If it’s critical enough for you to call, then it’s urgent enough for us to attend, no matter what time of day or night. The creatures may be tiny, but the problem could be massive for you, your family or your business. Our emergency call out services mean that you can have a trained operative at your property at 4AM, if this is what you need. Pests don’t care what time it is, so neither do we!

Pest Control for Commercial Property

Whether you’re an office, a restaurant, a school or a shop front, our commercial pest control services mean that you can continue to operate your business quickly once you’ve alerted us to your commercial pest control issues.  Our professional technicians are fully trained to know which pest control methods to use in which scenario, meaning that all our commercial pest control practices are safe to use around food operations as well as pets and humans.  We are happy to discuss the methods and products used so that you know that your commercial pest control problems are being dealt with in a manner that reassures you and your customers. And with Oscar Pest Control’s efficient services, you’ll be up and running again in no time, with no harm to your brand or reputation.

Pest Control for Residential Property

Our most common request for pest control services are for the home.  Although it’s unpleasant, it’s not uncommon to find that you’re not the only ones that have made yourselves right at home in your property.  If it’s a warm and comfortable environment for you and your family, then you can bet that other creatures want in, too! As Oscar Pest Control Services, we can help kick out unwanted guests using the industry’s safest methods, and help you make sure that any squatters don’t return with a long-lasting plan of action.  Worried that our products may affect your pets? We give full advice on keeping pets away from treated areas before we begin the pest control services, so that you have time to make alternative arrangements for your furry family members. All of our technicians will be happy to discuss our treatment types and enable you to get on with family life with as little disruption as possible.

Pest Control for Industrial Property

Where there’s storage to be nesting in and large spaces where humans rarely disturb, then you can almost be sure that a certain unwelcome visitor will have snuck in where they shouldn’t have.  Pest removal in industrial property is a service with Oscar Pest Control Services offer to every business. We understand that industrial premises come with demanding hygiene requirements, so not only do we offer a pest removal service that removes the problem in the short term, we can help and advise on pest removal strategies that ensure your problem does not return.  We help protect your supply, production and manufacturing chains using the most up-to-date pest removal methods, eliminating any health or inventory issues on a long-term basis.

*60 Day Guarantee is valid for all work carried out on insects and is not valid for multi-visit work needed for the pest control of rodents and small mammals.