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When you are looking for how to solve your Banbury rat or mouse problem you will need a professional pest controller who understands the best ways to go about this unpleasant task. Notorious for originally being the spreader of the plague the common brown rat is the usual suspect in the majority of cases we are called out to, and is a known carrier of Salmonella, E.Coli and Weil's disease which if spread to humans could cause a lingering illness and at worst be lethal.

The fact is that to remove rats from your home or commercial food premises it will require a multi-step approach to prevent them coming back and possibly spreading disease and droppings into your kitchen or scurrying through voids in walls, under floorboards or in roof spaces. It is estimated that the rat population has boomed locally as a pest, and they could be responsible for eating up to a fifth of everyday stored food supplies.

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Where do rats hide and how can I stop them?

Rats can nest pretty much anywhere, though they most often enter buildings through broken air-bricks, cavities in walls or outside buildings or they come through your sewer or drainage pipes. The multi-step approach is to first of all assess likely routes into your home or restaurant and secure them and also to lay traps as well. A number of visits would be recommended in order to make the building more rat-proof and to monitor activity to ensure that new rats have not taken the place of the old ones. Call Oscar Pest Control - your local Banbury Pest Control company to be your professional rat catcher.

Can I just use rat poison to get rid of rats?

The average householder may think that they can get rid of their rat problem themselves, and they may be right if it is a single rat and they know which are the correct traps and poisons to get and know how to properly secure their home from every angle of climbing and burrowing rats. Do you know this information? There has been research evidence from Oxford University that some so called “super rats” are now immune to the most common rat poison so professional grade treatments may now be necessary.

Also if your property is a terrace or semi and you live next door to someone with different cleanliness standards, then the rats may be living and nesting elsewhere but just visiting your home for food or to spread their urine to mark their wider territory. In the case of an uncooperative neighbour who may actually like rats as pets, then you will need to get a local pest control expert to visit you and to assess the best methods to safeguard your home. Call Oscar Pest Control today on 01295 367189 for rat control and rodent treatment around Banbury and Bicester.


If you have a food premises such as a cafe or restaurant then allowing rats access to your building to mark their territory with faeces and urine could cause you a major problem that may prove to be very expensive. For some unhygienic restaurant owners who didn't adhere to the Cherwell Council food hygiene standards the result has been the forced closure of their businesses so that a professional pest control company can attend and clean up their vermin problem. There are multiple cases around the Banbury area of food establishments failing to prioritise general hygiene and cleanliness, which if that were to include not keeping food secured away, could worsen their situation by enticing rats in to eat there. The worst cases of rodent infestation that have required professional removal ended up having to pay fines of between £10,000 and £20,000, as reported here and here.  Is it worth the risk?

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