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Mole problem

March 10, 2019

I rang Oscar pest control with the problem I had they came out the same day within 3 visits the mole had gone fantastic service A**** well recommended will definitely be using again

Charmaine Timms

Response from Oscar Pest Control

Thanks for leaving a review. Adam

Swift response

May 20, 2019

I thought one of our cats had brought in a mouse and let it run free, from the noise coming from the walls. Rang Adam and he came out that evening- He surveyed the building, checked the loft and left traps in appropriate areas. Second visit he cleared the beginning of a wasps nest in the loft but nothing in the traps and the same for the third visit – the noise has all but gone along with the scratching sound, so hopefully the poison did the trick. Thank you for the swift response.

Mrs Gold

Response from Oscar Pest Control

Thank you for the review Mrs Gold. Any issues don’t hesitate to give us a call.

job done!

May 12, 2019

The work that Adam did was amazingly well done! In the first visit he identified where the issue is coming from and tackled right away. He was kind and friendly to my kids when they were really scared and bombarded him with lots of questions about our rat(s)! He gave us tips on what signs pay attention on in order prevent future problems. He did a really thorough job at a very reasonable price.


Fast, efficient service

May 2, 2019

Oscar’ (or Adam as he’s better known) is absolutely super at this rat removal business. We had a rat so phoned Adam who came round same day, laid some traps and had a good look round to see where it might have come from. He did a really thorough job and literally left no stone unturned. Three visits were included in the price which we felt was very good value for money. Unfortunately we didn’t catch the rat in a trap, however, Adam did use his ‘rat man skills’ by pointing out the smell I thought was gas was actually a decomposing rat corpse under the floorboards! I can’t recommend Oscar enough; good sound advice, fast friendly service and excellent value for money. If you’ve got a rat, you need to call ‘RatMan’ (new Marvel Super Hero perhaps?!?) 🙂

MaryLouise Riley

Response from Oscar Pest Control

Thank you for your review Mrs Riley. If you have any ongoing issues don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks for contacting Oscar pest control.

Wasp invasion satisfactorily defeated.

February 5, 2019

A rather complicated population of bees and wasps mixed together (and fighting) . Adam from Oscar Pest Control sorted them out and demolished the wasps. Skilled, knowledgeable competent work, on time and at a reasonable fee.

Joyce Prince